Recording Performance Using DMC Equipment

Aaron Garrett, Assistant Production Manager at Shepherd School of Music, has been using DMC equipment, particularly Canon Vixia XA10 video camera and Velbon tripod for theatrical recordings. Recently he started to use DMC new Sony HXR-NX3/1 NXCAM Professional Handheld Camcorder and Manfrotto MVH502A Fluid Head and 546B Tripod System to record his performances. – This channel contains Aaron’s most frequent recordings, with a new segment going up each Wednesday. Traditionally Aaron used the XA10 for these, but he’s also used the smaller camcorder like DMC Canon Vixia M500 video camera. – That video was filmed using two XA10s in addition to the theater’s equipment.

According to Aaron, DMC equipment worked great and the audio from XA10 camera is excellent. He appreciated DMC resources and support and is eager to use the high-end equipment for more cinematic recordings.

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