ELEC 305 Spring 2017 Videos in Rice Digital Scholarship Archive

The DMC staff had the pleasure of assisting the Spring 2017 “Intro to Physical Electronics” (ELEC 305) class in creating instructional videos! In the “whiteboard animation” videos the students created, you will see various clever utilizations of software and hardware available in the DMC. Examples include our AverVision document camera, Nikon DSLR, and using Microsoft […]

DMC Supported Houston Folk Music Archive Oral Histories Project

The video interviews with musicians were recorded in DMC Video/Photography Studio using studio equipment. DMC staff helped to set-up the equipment, background, and lighting for each interview conducted. Training on video editing with Final Cut Pro X and iMovie was offered to the staff at Woodson Research Center. Consultation on media transfer, editing, exporting, compression, […]

Media Coverage of the DMC

Summer 2017, Zhao receives Fondren’s 2017 Shapiro Award, Rice University News and Media Fall 2016, DMC Studios, Helping Bring Projects to Life, News from Fondren, Volume 26, No. 1, page 4 Thursday, January 21, 2016, Spotlight on Fondren’s DMC , Office of Information Technology News. April 13, 2015, New Digital Media Commons space offers video, photography […]

Recording and Editing Lectures / Presentations

DMC staff helped to record and edit Fondren Fellows Showcase on April 6, 2017. Below is a summery of recording set up and editing techniques: Recording: Equipment: Canon Vixia HF M500/R500/R700 HD – SD Memory Card Rode VideoMic Pro Compact Shotgun Microphone Velbon Videomate 607 Aluminum Tripod The camera was mounted on the tripod, the […]

Compare Camera Built-in Mic, Zoom H4n and H2n Audio Recorder, External Shotgun Mic from Canon XA10 camera, Rode Condenser Shorgun Mic

When recording voice using DMC microphones, Rode Condenser Shotgun Microphone seems to yield the best quality. Zoom H4N audio recorder is too sensitive, therefore static noises are noticeable. Camera built-in mic record less statics, but the audio does not sound as clear as Rode mic. When recording music performance using DMC microphones, Zoom H4N audio recorder […]