Using DMC Equipment to Take Pictures for a Research Paper

Adam Lauchner, a graduate student from Halas Lab at Rice University, used DMC cameras, tripods, and lighting to take pictures of devices in his lab for a paper that was recently published at Below is an example of the images in the paper. A news article about this research can be found at […]

Compare Camera Built-in Mic, Zoom H4n and H2n Audio Recorder, External Shotgun Mic from Canon XA10 camera, Rode Condenser Shorgun Mic

When recording voice using DMC microphones, Rode Condenser Shotgun Microphone seems to yield the best quality. Zoom H4N audio recorder is too sensitive, therefore static noises are noticeable. Camera built-in mic record less statics, but the audio does not sound as clear as Rode mic. When recording music performance using DMC microphones, Zoom H4N audio recorder […]

Rice Holiday eCard

Have you watched this beautiful chorus of this 2016 Christmas eCard? Do you know the initial recording was done inside DMC Video Photography Studio? Later the videographer decided to use a multi-cam recording done outdoor. However, the videographer verified the audio track is still from the recording done in the DMC studio. Listen to the […]

Rice GCURS Laser Etched Glass Cube

The DMC was able to assist Rice GCURS (Gulf Coast Undergraduate Research Symposium) in creating a 3D file that was etched into glass. The result was given to participants of GCURS 2016 for their presentation of original research discoveries The 3D file was created in Autodesk Maya and Blender

Animate Blood Cells in Blender

The video below is the end product of a workshop offered at the DMC “Animate Blood Cells using Blender”. Participants will learn how to model, animate and render simple blood cells. The skills learned in this workshop can be used to create custom visuals to supplement research material. Eligible participants may register here The guide […]

Recording Campus Debate with DMC Equipment

The following comments are from our patron Anson Fung, who checked out DMC equipment to record a heated debate: “The Rice University Federalist Society was incredibly blessed to have Rice DMC’s support in the recording of our event ‘A Heated Debate: A Discussion the Science and Policy of Climate Change’. Thanks to the DMC’s expertise […]