Recording Campus Debate with DMC Equipment

The following comments are from our patron Anson Fung, who checked out DMC equipment to record a heated debate:

“The Rice University Federalist Society was incredibly blessed to have Rice DMC’s support in the recording of our event ‘A Heated Debate: A Discussion the Science and Policy of Climate Change’. Thanks to the DMC’s expertise in equipment recommendations and advice on video editing, Rice University Federalist Society was able to document a debate that attendees noted was one of the most substantive discussions on climate change. As of November 1st, we have had well over 500 views on our video and many friends of Dr. Willie Soon, one of the event’s speakers, have thanked us for making the event available to those who could not be physically present. Equipment we used included the Canon XA-10, 2 Azden wireless microphones, the Canon VIXIA for 2nd angle shots, and a Zoom H4N for backup audio recording. Post-production editing was accomplished with Final Cut Pro X on Macintosh. The DMC has been instrumental in making sure that the Rice University Federalist Society can expand the knowledge gained from non-partisan and objective debates beyond the Rice community.

A recording of this video can be seen on our website,, as well as on Youtube at ” — Anson Fung, Public Relations Officer of The Rice University Federalist Society

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