Compare Camera Built-in Mic, Zoom H4n and H2n Audio Recorder, External Shotgun Mic from Canon XA10 camera, Rode Condenser Shorgun Mic

When recording voice using DMC microphones, Rode Condenser Shotgun Microphone seems to yield the best quality. Zoom H4N audio recorder is too sensitive, therefore static noises are noticeable. Camera built-in mic record less statics, but the audio does not sound as clear as Rode mic.

When recording music performance using DMC microphones, Zoom H4N audio recorder is still highly recommended. It preserves more information thus keeps the fidelity of music. Zoom H2n is a second choice, it can record clean good audio, but compare to H4n, the audio sound thin, not as rich as H4n.

See below diagram for detailed set-up of each device for this testing:

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