Visualizing 2018 Library Survey of All Students Data with Tableau

  • The 2018 Library Survey of All Students Data includes three surveys: undergraduates (SAS), exiting seniors (SES), and graduate students (GRSAS). Users are able to filter responses by the three groups.
  • Since all of the multiple-choice questions had a five-point scale, we assigned values of 1 (most negative response) to 5 (most positive response) to each student response to assign average values to each option. This helps us show what in Fondren is most and least important to students.
  • The open text responses were coded into general categories (i.e. positive, neutral, and feedback), which can also be filtered and browsed.

If the embedded Viz doesn’t work well, click on the following link to view it.!/vizhome/FondrenLibrary2018SurveyofAllStudentsReport/Fondren2018SASReport


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