Several Approaches to Creating a Whiteboard Animation

A “Whiteboard Animation” is a great way to bring some fun into instructional material. Although it may seem daunting, creating a whiteboard animation can be easy – and you don’t need to be an artist to make it effective. Here at the DMC, we’ve created some guides and examples on how to create a whiteboard animation using various methods.


You can use PowerPoint to make a whiteboard animation without ever leaving the application. PowerPoint has built in drawing, animation, and recording functions. To learn more, you may read the guide here.

We have also put together a two-part video tutorial that you can watch below:

Document Camera

In the DMC audio studio, we have an AverVision document camera that can be used to quickly capture drawing and voiceover. There is a written guide here and a video tutorial you can watch below:

DLSR Camera

The most advanced way of creating a whiteboard animation would be to use a DSLR camera with studio lighting. Although it is the most difficult method, using a DSLR allows for higher quality and more control over lighting.


There are many more methods than the three listed above. You can see a brief overview of these other methods here. Please visit our YouTube channel to view example videos we’ve created, and feel free to contact us for further assistance or questions!

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