Support of Creating Animated Videos for FWIS Class Assignment (Spring, 2016)

K.Belik Ph.D, a Lecturer of Center for Written, Oral and Visual Communication at Rice University assigned students to create a short video for a FWIS class assignment. Some students created animated videos. A few groups borrowed DMC equipment to record footage. One group created whiteboard animation using hand drawing technique. Below are the snippets of this group’s final video.

DMC resources used for the video are:

  • DMC Video/Photography Studio: used the lighting and the space to record video.
  • DMC Audio Studio: used to record voiceover narration.
  • DMC Equipment: Canon DSLR camera and tripod to record hand drawing footage.
  • DMC Software: students used iMovie on DMC workstation 2 to edit the footage, applied fast motion and other special effects.


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