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ELEC 305 Spring 2017 Videos in Rice Digital Scholarship Archive

The DMC staff had the pleasure of assisting the Spring 2017 “Intro to Physical Electronics” (ELEC 305) class in creating instructional videos! In the “whiteboard animation” videos the students created, you will see various clever utilizations of software and hardware available in the DMC. Examples include our AverVision document camera, Nikon DSLR, and using Microsoft […]

Using DMC Equipment to Take Pictures for a Research Paper

Adam Lauchner, a graduate student from Halas Lab, applied physics department at Rice University, used a DMC Canon T3i, a Canon Wide Angle EF 28mm f/1.8 Lens, a tripod, and a lighting kit to take pictures of devices in his lab for a paper that was recently published at Below is an example of […]

Using Juxtapose for Before/After Image Comparisons

The DMC will offer a custom in-class workshop of Using Juxtapose for Before/After Image Comparisons to HRC Spatial Humanities class at the end of January. JuxtaposeJS is one of a series of tools for content creators produced by the Northwestern University Knight Lab. It is a JavaScript library for making before/after image sliders. When preparing […]

Animate Blood Cells in Blender

The video below is the end product of a workshop offered at the DMC “Animate Blood Cells using Blender”. Participants will learn how to model, animate and render simple blood cells. The skills learned in this workshop can be used to create custom visuals to supplement research material. Eligible participants may register here The guide […]

Flipped Classroom in First-Year Engineering Design Course ENGI 120 (summer of 2015, summer of 2016)

In ENGI 120, a team of faculty at Rice University and other institutions has created instructional resources to support a flipped classroom model for first-year engineering design. Matthew Wettergreen, a lecture of Oshman Engineering Design Kitchen at Rice University, and Dr. Ann Saterbak, a professor of Bioengineering at Rice University, have been piloting a number of […]

Data Visualization for Publication (8/13/2015)

With DMC help, a few graphs had been created for a published article named “Journal of Palliative Medicine” authored by Kirsten Ostherr, a professor of English department. For more information, visit

Video Assignment in ELEC 305 “Introduction to Physical Electronics” ( Spring 2014, Spring 2015, Spring 2016 )

ELEC 305 is a junior level EE course on device physics. As part of the course assignments every Spring semester, small teams of students are asked to make short videos on a topic related to device physics, integrated circuits, transmission lines, or antennas for an audience of college students in an online course such as […]