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ELEC 305 Spring 2017 Videos in Rice Digital Scholarship Archive

The DMC staff had the pleasure of assisting the Spring 2017 “Intro to Physical Electronics” (ELEC 305) class in creating instructional videos! In the “whiteboard animation” videos the students created, you will see various clever utilizations of software and hardware available in the DMC. Examples include our AverVision document camera, Nikon DSLR, and using Microsoft […]

Support of Creating Animated Videos for FWIS Class Assignment (Spring, 2016)

K.Belik Ph.D, a Lecturer of Center for Written, Oral and Visual Communication at Rice University assigned students to create a short video for a FWIS class assignment. Some students created animated videos. A few groups borrowed DMC equipment to record footage. One group created whiteboard animation using hand drawing technique. Below are the snippets of […]

Transforming Electricity Procurement At Rice University (Spring 2016)

Transforming Electricity Procurement At Rice University, Richard Johnson, 2016 (Spring 2016): This video was created by Shari Smith, who used DMC video studio to record Richard Johnson’s shot using green screen. The voiceover narration of the video was recorded in DMC audio studio. DMC resources used: DMC Video/Photography Studio DMC Audio Studio Links: User’s Comments: […]

Foreign Language Audio Tours (Spring 2016)

Audio tours about new installation of Rice gallery in two different languages (Spanish and Chinese) were recorded in DMC Audio Studio with the stand microphones and Audacity. Links: User’s Comments: “They were both done in your studios! We are so fortunate to have access to such amazing equipment and your help in working with […]

CD Recording of The Rice Phiharmonics (Fall 2015 – Spring 2016)

The Rice Philharmonics are Rice’s oldest a’capella group and this year is their 20th Anniversary. Every few years the group records a CD, and this time instead of having to pay and utilize an off-campus studio, the group used DMC Audio Studio. User’s Comments: “…we love the central location of the DMC for our students, […]

Podcast series “Cultures of Energy” on iTunes and Stitcher (Fall 2015 – Spring 2016)

Two Anthropology professors Dominic Boyer and Cymene Howe launched a podcast series “Cultures of Energy” for Center for Energy and Environmental Research in the Human Sciences (CENHS) on iTunes. They plan to use DMC Audio Studio every other week to record a podcast episode. DMC resources used: DMC Audio Studio. The professors used two stand […]

A Video Abstract of a Paper Published in Cell (summer 2015)

At Rice University, Oleg Igoshin and colleagues discover an interesting mechanism whereby bacteria sense the completion of DNA replication to synchronize the sporulation process. A video abstract was created using DMC resources. DMC Resources used: DMC Audio Studio for voice over narration DMC Mac video station 10 for video editing Software: FCP X and Flash Links: […]

Mindfulness Meditation Audio Recording (summer 2015)

Mindfulness Meditation Audio Recording (summer 2015): Micki Fine, the founder of Mindful Living, was hired as a consultant to help Rice Psychology Department to record a series of Mindfulness Meditations for a research project. DMC Resources used: DMC Audio Studio Sample Audio: